Akishika Shuzo 'Omachi'
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Akishika Shuzo 'Omachi'

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Brewery: Akishika Shuzo

Grade: Yamahai Junmai Muroka Namagenshu

Rice variety: Self grown biodynamic Omachi

Polishing rate: 70%

Country: Japan

Region: Osaka Prefecture, Kansai

Size: 720ml


  • Biodynamic
  • When most sake brewers buy their rice from contracted farmers or unknown sources, Osaka's Akishika Shuzō shines as a rarity--they're dedicated to growing their own rice. “From our own fields to bottle” is the brewery's motto. Led by 6th generation kuramoto 'master brewer' OKU Hiroaki, the brewery farms 25 hectares biodynamically, focusing on superior quality and taste rather than high yields. Not only does Akishika Shuzō stand out in the sake world agriculturally, but during a time in postwar Japan when sake production was commercially driven, they were one of the first pioneers of junmaishu, sake made without any additives. And by 2009, all of Akishika Shuzō's production was junmaishu. Akishika Shuzō also age a large portion of their production until it reaches perfect drinking condition so their matured sake offerings are unrivaled. And their unique fermentation method of dissolving a very high portion of the fermentation rice into the brew while maintaining low amino acid levels, makes all of Akishika Shuzō's sakes medium-bodied yet very flavorful, complex and layered. This 'Omachi' sake is made made with one of the oldest and most pure rice varieties in Japan--Omachi, often called the 'Queen' of sake rice. Brewed with the yamahai method: traditionally fermented, pure rice, unpasteurized, no charcoal filtration, undiluted. This 'Omachi' is a full on celebration of this ancient rice--a rich, earthy, mouthfilling intensity with a delicate backbone of acidity and a hint of umami. Best served lightly chilled to lightly warmed up. Dark and cool storage.