Angels Wine Share

Angels Wine Share 

Conceptually, the Angels Wine Share is like a farm CSA.

We connect you directly to small producers via a monthly subscription of natural wines curated under various themes.

The financial benefit is that you are saving up to 20% on the selection at hand. 

The idea is to provide you with a sensory education that will open your heart and mind to the world of natural wine and to share the stories of small scale farmers and producers.

Each wine share includes a number of wines as well as a pamphlet of stories and technical information about each producer and wine. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a certified sommelier or a just-turned-21 Hopkins student. What matters is that you’re creating memories with these wines at your side, that you’re drinking with health and joy, and that you’re learning the difference between what you think you like and what you know you love.

Do not overwhelm yourself with feeling like you will never know enough. The best way to learn is by taste. Eventually, you will build a meaningful sense library that will guide your choices over the course of a lifetime. 

-Local pick up only (see FAQ for detail)