Bring to the Party

Some people bring crudités and others roll in with a magnum of wine.

Wine bottle sizes

StandardThe most common size for a wine bottle is 750 milliliters - the equivalent of about 5 glasses of wine.

1 Liter:  This one doesn’t actually have a name, but it’s starting to become more popular and gives you a total of 7 glasses of wine.

Magnum: This bottle is twice the size of a standard at 1.5 liters. The equivalent of about 10 glasses of wine in 1 ½ liter. Magnums offer great value and are an impressive bottle to behold when pouring for your guests at a dinner party.

Jeroboam: A whooping 4.5 liters. This means you’re getting as much as six standard bottles of wine, or the amount that fits into a case of wine, around 30 glasses.