Valdisole 'Pnoi' 2022
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Valdisole 'Pnoi' 2022

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Producer: Valdisole

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Varietal: Pnoi

Vintage: 2022

Size: 750ml

Color: Pink

Notes: Valdisole started when biologist Giuseppe Amato and electronic engineer Kyriaki Kalimeri happened to meet during a sommelier course. The two of them decided to take their mutual passion and fascination for winemaking to the next level when they bought their first vineyard in the middle of a national heritage site on the Roero hills of Italy's Piedmont region in 2015. Since then, Valdisole has been motivated by everything that's original and essential about wine while continually experimenting with new and old practices--even using non local winemaking techniques on local varietals. For this reason, Valdisole is known for making some of the most atypical and unexpected natural wines today, as seen in this 'Pnoi.' Inspired by a historical method of making Barolo wine from 1873. The grapes in this 'Pnoi' are subjected to a soft pressing and the must is directly put in old oak barrels of various woods (from chestnut to oak) where it ferments and refines until the following summer. In a sense you taste the spirit of the grape but not is full body. This is exactly what Pnoi means in Greek; the breath of life, the spirit.