Valdisole	'Aura' 2017
Angels ate Lemons

Valdisole 'Aura' 2017

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Producer: Valdisole

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Varietal: Moscato Bianco

Vintage: 2017

Size: 500ml

Color: Orange

Notes: Valdisole is born out of curiosity, and this is the reason why our wines can seldom be described as "traditional". Motivated by a great passion for wine and love towards everything that is original, essential, we are continually experimenting with new and old practices, applying to the grapes our region the winemaking techniques of other areas of the world. This is the reason why often in our wines you will find colours and perfumes that are not always expected or “typical”. In some way, they are the expression of philosophies at times visionary at times crazy that continue to evolve.

There is only one principle that remains invariable; from the vineyard to the winery, the only ingredient of our wine is the grape.

In Valdisole we follow strictly the natural practices without using synthetic chemicals or enological forcing.