Christian Tschida 'Brutal' 2019
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Christian Tschida 'Brutal' 2019

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Producer: Christian Tschida

Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2019

Size: 750ml

Color: Red


  • Organic/Biodynamic/Equivalent
  • All of our wine selections are fermented spontaneously.
  • Other Information:  Christian Tschida has the great fortune to cultivate 10-hectares of old vines that have been with his family for 4 generations, since the 19th century. The winery is located in the Neusiedler See part of Burgenland, the eastern most point of Austria. Tschida is also a member of the Brutal wine corporation, a loose conglomeration of natural winemakers who challenge each other to produce 'brutal' wine, meaning the vinification must be extreme--the wine can only be made in one barrel and have no added sulphur. This 'Brutal' is made with 100% hand harvested Pinot Noir grapes that are destemmed and crushed by foot. The juice ferments in 2 large barrels with indigenous yeast with no racking. It spends 1 year aging in barrels and is bottled without fining, filtering, or added sulphites.