Terada Honke 'Musubi' Sparkling Sake
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Terada Honke 'Musubi' Sparkling Sake

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Brewery: Terada Honke

 Grade: Junmai Hatsuga-genmai Muroka Namagenshu

Rice variety: Organic Koshi-hikari

Polishing rate: 100% sprouted brown rice

Country: Japan

Region: Chiba Prefecture, Kantō

Size: 720ml


  • Organic
  • Terada Honke has been producing sake since 1670, but just 30 years ago they decided to leave the industrial brewing methods of postwar Japan behind and return to their traditional roots. Led by their 24th generation kuramoto 'master brewer' Terada Masaru, the brewery focuses on labor-intensive processes done by hand. Terada Honke uses all organic rice and most of it is polished far less that average in the industry. Fermentation relies on brewery propagated kōji (a rarityand either kimoto or bodaimoto fermentation methods, which when combined with the little-polished rice results in bold, full-bodied and expressive sakes with a signature high presence of lactic acid. This 'Musubi' is an example of some of the earliest versions of sake. Made from organic and completely unpolished Koshi-hikari, sprouted in order to allow the quick refrigerated fermentation to take place. Unpasteurized, no charcoal filtration, and undiluted. Unlike most other sakes produced only in the winter, this 'Musubi' is made year round, so each batch is slightly different. This unique sake is characterized by a very strong grain flavor and a powerful acidity. Best served chilled. Refrigerated storage. Due to the high level of sugar and the cloudy nature of this product, we do not recommend aging it. This sake also may contain a considerable amount of fizz, so open carefully and do not store horizontally.