Pheasant's Tears 'Poliphonia' 2020
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Pheasant's Tears 'Poliphonia' 2020

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Producer: Pheasant's Tears

Country: Georgia

Region: Khaketi

Varietal: blend of 417 indigenous Georgian varietals

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml

Color: Red

Notes: Founded in 2007 by an American painter, John Wurdeman, and Gela Patalishvili, a Georgian whose family has been making wine for eight generations, Pheasant’s Tears sits in the mountainous village of Sighnaghi in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region. The name 'Pheasant's Tears' refers to an old Georgian tale in which it's believed that only the very best wine can make a pheasant cry tears of joy. Dedicated to meeting this 'tears of joy' standard, Pheasant's Tears produces artisanal natural wines with ancient Georgian techniques, growing rare grape varieties and harvesting them organically. All wines are fermented in qvevri, traditional clay amphorae, which are lined with beeswax and sunk into the ground. Natural yeast fermentations are employed. Described by Wurdeman as 'harmonic chaos' and riffing off traditional Georgian polyphonic singing, this 'Poliphonia' is made from a blend of 417 Georgian varietals. All the varietals--white, golden greenish, blue, purple, grey-pink grapes--were grown in the same field and harvested in 3-4 sweeps at various levels of ripeness. 90% destemmed 10% whole bunch, after a five day maceration the must is pressed. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, and with no added sulphites.