Ori Marani 'Definitely Maybe' Pét-Nat NV
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Ori Marani 'Definitely Maybe' Pét-Nat NV

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Producer: Ori Marani

Country: Georgia

Region: Shida Kartli

Varietal: Chinuri

Vintage: NV

Size: 750ml

Color: Orange

Notes: Bastien Warskotte and his wife Nino Gvantseladze started Ori Marani in 2016. Bastien was raised in Champagne and went to school for wine in France and worked at wineries in Australia, South Africa and Canada before settling in Georgia. A Pet Nat of a solera of pet nats from 2017, 2018 and 2019 as well as still Gorili Mtsvane and Chinrui from Lamiskana in the Kartli Wine Region. White and Red grape Pet Nat