Meinklang 'Fusion' Grape Apple Wine
Angels ate Lemons

Meinklang 'Fusion' Grape Apple Wine

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Producer: Meinklang

Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Varietal: Topaz Apples, Gruner Veltliner

Size: 750 mL

Color: Orange

Notes: The Meinklang farm is a living jewel—a versatile self-sustaining organism managed according to gut instinct. Ran by the Michlits family for generations, the independent agricultural operation is not only supported by people who tend it, but the plants that grow there and the animals—in addition to their 2000 hectares, the Michlits have well over 300 Angus cattle. The vineyards are tended by family members Angela and Werner, who take great care of their native land biodynamically. Fertilized with a special compost made from horse manure and sheep manure, pulp, green waste and occasionally stone flour, their grapes produce some of the most radiant and full natural wines available.