Louis-Antoine Luyt 'Pipeño Tinto Coronel De Maule' 2022 (1L)
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Louis-Antoine Luyt 'Pipeño Tinto Coronel De Maule' 2022 (1L)

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Producer: Louis-Antoine Luyt

Country: Chile

Region: Maule Valley

Varietal: Pais

Vintage: 2022

Size: 1L

Color: Red

Notes: Louis Antoine is originally from Burgundy, but went on a vacation to South America to practice his Spanish and ended up staying there for a much longer period than intended. Working in the restaurant industry he met the only Master of Wine in South America at the time and attended his newly formed sommelier school. Seeing unused potential in the farms of Chile he flew back to France to study oenology. He started making a variety of wines experimenting with various micro climates andvarietals. His primary line of wines now are all in the ‘Pipeno’ style. Pipeno is slang for peasant. These are young, easy drinking wines made from the varietal Pais in the style that a farmer would make for personal consumption. While Louis has moved back to France with his wife, he is still very hands on with the farms  he works with who provide his grapes insisting on dry farming, which can be challenging in Chile’s climate. 


'Coronel De Maule' is produced from the land of Sergio Perez and his family. It is made in the traditional Pipeńo style meaning that is light and fresh and meant to be consumed right away.