Le Temp des Cerises 'La Peur du Rouge' 2021
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Le Temp des Cerises 'La Peur du Rouge' 2021

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Producer: Le Temp des Cerises

Country: France

Region: Languedoc

Varietal: 90%Clairette 10% Chardonnay

Vintage: 2021

Size: 750 mL

Color: White



Axel Prufer grew up in East Germany, but decided to move to the Languedoc region of France as a young man to launch a career in natural winemaking. All wines of Le Temp des Cerises are made with a non-interventionist mindset. Axel’s vineyard is rich with bio-diversity. Located very close to forests, which are home to wild boars, his grapes are at risk of being eaten. His solution is to collect hair from local hairdressers and sprinkle it around the perimeter of his property, so the boars will be scared away by the scent of humans. He is truly an innovator committed to making wine the natural way.

'La Peur do Rouge' is a blend of Clairette sourced from nearby organic growers and Chardonnay grown in limestone rich earth from Axel's vineyard. The wine is made with minimal intervention.