Kmetija Štekar 'Sivi' 2018
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Kmetija Štekar 'Sivi' 2018

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Producer: Kmetija Štekar

Country: Slovenia

Region: Goriška Brda

Varietal: Pinot Gris

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Color: Orange


  • Organic/Biodynamic/Equivalent
  • All of our wine selections are fermented spontaneously.
  • Other Information: Since 1672, the Štekar family has been making wine in Snezatno, Slovenia. Located on the famous Ponca mountain, the family’s five hectares of vines grow on very steep slopes in very high altitudes. And the soil is a rich blend only found on Ponca—a mixture of marl and sandstone stratified over the course of centuries. Current owner Janko Štekar takes great pride in his place and the traditions of his family, cultivating his land in a healthy way without the use of chemicals. His approach to vinification also honors his family’s connection to place and the past. Štekar uses the rich local vinification methods of prolonged macerations. All his wines are also spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeasts, and with no additives or invasive technologies. The result is extraordinary wines, complex in flavor and evocative of Slovenia’s unique Ponca mountain terroir. This ‘Sivi’ is made from 100% organically grown and handpicked Pinot Gris grapes, grown in the rich Ponca mountain soil. Beautiful in the glass with an orange/rose hybrid color.