Indomiti 'Lottai' 2020
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Indomiti 'Lottai' 2020

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Producer: Indomiti

Country: Italy

Region: Vicenza

Varietal: Tai Rosso (Garnacha)

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml

Color: Red


Notes: Winemaker Simone Ambrosini got his start as a young rebellious guy taking a chance and moving to Australia where he worked on farms and in stables before discovering his love of wine. Returning to Italy, Simone went to University to study Enology  and Viticulture. Then it was time to knock on some doors until he found land to try his hand at making his own wine. With just a half hectare of land, his bare hands, and a van, his journey officially began. All of his wines were handmade in small batches fermenting openly among the elements. Since his start in 2018 Indomiti has expanded to 2.5 hectares located above Lake Simon, but the wines remain the same at heart. 

'Lottai', meaning "I fought" or "I struggled" is an all natural light red made of Tai Rosso, the local term for garnacha. This wine spends 10 days fermenting on skin in whole clusters before aging in ceramic amphora. Simone's wines are all made with minimal interference to best express the land where the grapes are grown.