Iapetus 'Tectonic' 2018
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Iapetus 'Tectonic' 2018

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Producer: Iapetus

Country: United States

Region: Vermont

Varietal: La Crescent

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Color: Orange

Notes: Iapetus was created by Ethan Joseph, long-time winegrower at Shelburne Vineyard. In choosing the name Iapetus, Ethan represents not only the physical environment of the Lake Champlain Valley, but also himself as well. Water has always been an integral piece of his life, from growing up on a lake to studying water resources at the University of Vermont. Iapetus encompasses both geological and personal elements Ethan hopes to express in wine.

La Crescent is grown on two of our three vineyard sites, planted in 2008 at McCabe’s Brook and in 2010 at Mt Philo. Vines are trained to a hi-wire system on 10’x8’ and 9’x6’ spacing. Both sites have a slightly western aspect and north-south row orientation which allow for maximum sunlight and exposure to prevailing winds. Soils are deep, well drained, sandy/stony loams formed in both glacial till derived from limestone, calcareous shale, schist, and quartzite and on sandy deltas, beaches and terraces that are underlain by medium-textured lacustrine deposits.

Following destemming and a gentle crushing, the grapes for this wine went into a stainless steel tank to ferment. This wine also went through malo-lactic fermentation, which was induced by addition of a commercial malo-lactic bacteria culture. Pressing was performed after a fifty-day maceration on skins. Three-quarters of the wine was sent to neutral oak to age sur lie with weekly battonage for three and a half months and the other quarter was aged in stainless steel. After seven months, the lots were blended and allowed to come together prior to bottling