Fabio Gea 'DNAss' 2019
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Fabio Gea 'DNAss' 2019

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Producer: Fabio Gea

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Varietal: Maybe Nebbiolo...Fabio doesn't want to say

Vintage: 2019

Size: 750ml

Color: Red

Notes: The third wine in Fabio "ass" series (along with Cul Otte and Back Grin), this wine's label has hints of blue on the logo's sickle and the letters "ss" after DNA. This is a subtle hint to the wine's unique vinification in water. Though all of Fabio's bottles ask you to consider re-using them, DNAss has a special message written in blue: "Better to re-use peacefully." Fabio says this wine was "fucking in the pool for four months (water and wine making love)." The wine is bottled in old Travaglini Gattinara bottles Fabio found in an old warehouse.

The number of the bottle and the total number of bottles are hand written on labels made from handmade paper. There is an elaborate code on each label that we break down in Fabio's producer profile.

The grapes are destemmed and macerated for two to three weeks. Fermented and aged in homemade porcelain and stoneware vessels submerged in a pool of water. No sulfur added.

Fabio was originally a geologist. He gave it up to make wine and uses his knowledge of rocks and the landscape to reshape the land that had been /abandoned The whole enterprise is a few lines of Nebbiolo inside and outside of the Barbaresco designation, as well as small patches of Dolcetto and Barbera - in total 0.9 hectare.

All vineyard work is done by hand, with minimal treatments of only copper and sulfur. In the cellar, apart from experiments, he uses older barrels of 440 liters and 500 liters, glass and stainless. The total production is around 5000 bottles a year of 6-7 different wines. Some wines are traditional, others are definitely outside-the-box.

La Msoira e'L Rastel is the name on each bottle and the titular name of the estate. It is represented in the symbol on the bottle and means in Piemontese dialect: The Sickle and the Rake.