Elisa Guerin 'Beaujolais Villages' 2020
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Elisa Guerin 'Beaujolais Villages' 2020

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Producer: Elisa Guerin

Country: France

Region: Beaujolais

Varietal: Gamay

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml

Color: Red

Notes: Made from 60 year old Gamay vines.

“elisa, daughter of a winegrower and installed since the 2019 vintage in the moulin à vent & beaujolais-villages appellation. my production is small at the moment, but my ambition is to make it grow. in 2019, i produced: 1600 bottles and 50 magnums of moulin à vent on the "les thorins" terroir. the moulin à vent "thorins" was in the 19th century, a very famous wine that buyers put on the same level as the wines of the côte de nuit in burgundy.

i have also produced 3,500 bottles of beaujolais-villages 2019 from vines in conversion to organic for 3 years located at altitude on blue schist terroirs facing north. i wanted to make a fruity wine full of freshness and acidity to drink easily in all circumstances.

an agronomist by training, i first want to focus my time on quality work in the vineyard. in order to obtain beautiful vines, living soils and balanced grapes. vinification is carried out as simply as possible with the fewest possible inputs in order to obtain fine wines that express their terroir. convinced of the peculiarity of the beaujolais vineyard, i try to respect the expression of gamay as much as possible : fruity, complex, tannic or fine depending on the terroirs.

wine is a product of pleasure so it seems essential for me to produce it while reducing its environmental impact. this is why i want to diversify the landscapes by planting hedges and fruit trees, try new methods of fertilization, test plant extracts, improve our plants and find genetic diversity… working with living organisms is very stimulating because everything is in perpetual evolution and has many unknowns.

my projects :

plant white grape varieties: aligoté, melon de bourgogne. take over the other vines from the family estate. introduce plant cover in the vines. develop another production. introduce grazing in the vines. make your own fertilizer preparations. develop a cultural project around the estate. participate in agricultural diversification projects in the territory.” elisa guerin