Domaine Rietsch 'Coquette' 2020
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Domaine Rietsch 'Coquette' 2020

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Producer: Domaine Rietsch

Country: United States

Region: Alsace

Varietal: Riesling, Gerwurztraminer

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml

Color: Orange

Notes: Located in Alsace on an old Renaissance period farm in the center of a tiny village named Mittelbergheim lies Domaine Rietsch, the small winery ran by 7 generations of the Rietsch family. Since 1987, Jean-Pierre Rietsch has led the operation with organic methods, believing the number one principle of winemaking is to express the heart and soul of the grapes and the land that grew them. Zero synthetic chemicals are used in Rietsch’s low intervention methods.