Domaine de L'Octavin 'P'tit Poussot' 2018
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Domaine de L'Octavin 'P'tit Poussot' 2018

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Producer: Domaine de l'Octavin

Country: France

Region: Jura

Varietal: Chardonnay

Vintage: 2018

Color: White

Notes: Since 2005 Alice Bouvot of Domaine de l'Octavin has been making some of the most lively natural wines in the game. Tending to her 5 hectares in Jura biodynamically. Bouvot believes wild grasses, weeds, insects, and animals all have a place in her vines creating a true ecosystem in every glass her wines offer. 40 year old Chardonnay vines harvested by hand. Direct press, spontaneous fermentation in fiberglass. 0/0