Domaine de La Taupe 'Nicole' 2018
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Domaine de La Taupe 'Nicole' 2018

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Producer: Domaine de La Taupe

Country: France

Region: Loire

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Color: White

Notes: 70 year old sauvignon blanc vines. Maceration of grapes 2 days, before pressing. 14 months old oaken barrel, bottled in March 2020. No filtration, no sulfites added.

"Bertjan, as the name implies, isn't a Frenchman, but was born and raised in the Netherlands. Hence his presence smack bang in the middle of the Loire Valley could seem a bit odd, if it weren't for the fairytale of a certain natural wine movement and one man's love of said wines, coupled with an offer from one of Bertjan's favorite biodynamic winemakers, Bruno Allion, to buy a parcel of vines to go and have fun with.

So he did, and the rest is actually history in the making. 

Bertjan and his team of family and dedicated wine lovers make 4 cuvées: 'Surin' from Sauvignon Blanc, 'Carnix' from Cabernet Franc and Pineau d'Aunis, 'Bruno Bert & Co' from Côt, and 'AK400' from Gamay; the famous wine that Bruno used to make." -Rosforth & Rosforth