Natalino Del Prete 'Il Prodigo' 2020
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Natalino Del Prete 'Il Prodigo' 2020

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Producer: Del Prete

Country: Italy

Region: Puglia

Varietal: Negroamaro

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml

Color: Rose


  • Other Information: Known for his unpretentious wines full of rustic character, Natalino Del Prete is one of the most traditional organic winemakers in the game right now. Located in Italy’s Puglia region (the heel of Italy’s boot), Del Prete’s family farm goes back for generations. But since 1994, Natalino has solely been focused on viniculture. Del Prete is most interested in the indigenous grapes of his region of Puglia, including the Negroamaro. His winery is also certified organic. Del Prete doesn’t use any fertilizers, chemicals, or irrigation and he plows as little as possible. More than anything, Del Prete wants to preserve the integrity of his family’s vines and celebrate his region’s distinct sun-drenched Mediterranean terroir. This ‘II Prodigo’ is made with 100% handpicked Negroamaro grapes which undergo spontaneous fermentation in cement with a short maceration. Aged in large concrete tanks and bottled with no added sulphites. A simply beautiful Negroamaro wine that sings of Puglia!