Cascina degli Ulivi 'Semplicemente Rosso' VDT 2020
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Cascina degli Ulivi 'Semplicemente Rosso' VDT 2020

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Producer: Cascina degli Ulivi

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Varietal: 50% Barbera, 50% Dolcetto

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml

Color: Red

Notes: 50% Barbera/50% Dolcetto (a strain of it called Nibio). The fruit is destemmed, crushed and spontaneously co-fermented in old barrels with a maceration of about 3 weeks. The wine is aged in old 2000-3000-liter barrels. There is no sulfur added at any point. This is Ulivi's entry-level red, the crown cap indicative of its intended glou-glou nature.

"Where to start with the late Stefano Bellotti and Cascina degli Ulivi? Largely responsible for the legitimization of biodynamic viticulture and the eschewing of modern oenology since the early 1980's, his vision has inspired a generation of younger vignaioli. In a world determined to categorize and explain everything with science, Stefano preached holism. Even more impressive, he showed us how to buck the system, to voice dissent and fight back against the commodification of nature and agriculture. In so many ways, Stefano has played a key role in our evolution and approach to the wines we import." -Louis Dressner