Bojo do Luar Vinho Branco 'Deu Pinote' 2019
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Bojo do Luar Vinho Branco 'Deu Pinote' 2019

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Producer: Bojo do Luar

Country: Portugal

Region: Vinho Verde

Varietal: Alvarelhão, Arinto, Vinhão

Vintage: 2019

Size: 750ml

Color: Pink

Notes: This wine is equal parts of Vinhāo, Alvarelhão and Arinto out of the granitic soils of Vinho Verde. The Alvarelhao is macerated for 3 weeks, everything takes place in stainless steel. Fermented with ground chestnut flowers to help stabilize the process. It quite light (only 11.5% abv) and lends itself to being chilled.