Archil Guniava 'Otskhanuri Sapere-Tsolikouri' 2019
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Archil Guniava 'Otskhanuri Sapere-Tsolikouri' 2019

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Producer: Archil Guniava

Country: Georgia

Region: Imereti

Varietal: Otskhanuri, Sapere-Tsolikouri

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Color: Pink


  • Organically farmed and produced.
  • All of our wine selections are fermented spontaneously.
  • Other Information: Archil Guniava in based in Zestaphoni, Kvaliti Village, Georgia where generations of his family have lived, grown grapes, and produced wine with traditional Imeretian methods. This Otskhanuri Sapere-Tsolikouri wine uses some of the region's best considered varietals, organically harvested and naturally fermented using 'qvevri,' large terracotta pots sunk in the ground.