Archil Guniava 'Dondghlabi' 2019
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Archil Guniava 'Dondghlabi' 2019

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Producer: Archil Guniava

Country: Georgia

Region: Imereti

Varietal: Dondghlabi

Vintage: 2019

Size: 750ml

Color: White - Orange

Notes: The grapes spend four months macerating on their skins (and nine months in *Qvevri in total), creating a wine that's somehow light-gold in colour and light bodied with hits of wild herbs and grapefruit. This lightness is unusual for the amount of skin contact time in the Qvevri - sitting somewhere between a white and orange wine.

Archil Guniava is based in Zestaphoni, Kvaliti Village, Georgia. Now ran by Nino Guiniava, Archil's youngest daughter, the winery is based out of the same home where generations of her family have lived, grown grapes, and produced wine with traditional Imeretian methods-- in the same 12 qvevri that's been used forever!