Tamagawa 'Red Label'
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Tamagawa 'Red Label'

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Grade: Junmai

Subcategory: Yamahai Junmai Muroka NamaGenshu

Country: Japan

Region: Kyoto Prefecture, Kansai

Size: 720ml

Notes: Tamagawa Sake has built a reputation for producing high quality sake of great distinction. The brewery, called Kinoshita, was established in 1842 and is the only Japanese sake brewery under the direction of a non-Japanese toji, the illustrious Philip Harper. The house style prioritizes intensity of flavor and elegance, but retains exquisite balance nonetheless. "Red Label" Yamahai is fermented with ambient yeast unique to the Kinoshita Brewery and is never filtered or diluted. It is rich with acids and amino acids for a robust explosion of flavor and is bottled right from the press without filtration, dilution or other intervention.