Domaine De Majas 'Orange' 2022
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Domaine De Majas 'Orange' 2022

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Producer: Domaine De Majas

Country: France

Region: Roussillon

Varietal: "White Grapes"

Vintage: 2022

Size: 750 ml

Color: Red


Alain Carrere and his wife Agnes formed Domaine de Majas in 1992 primarily with vines inherited from Alain’s father in the commune of Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes. Say that three times fast.For years they had been selling their grapes to the co-op, but it wasn’t making them any money. Alain knew that was not the way to go. Even making the wines himself he found local distributiong to be difficult and also not profitable. Alain was then appropached by a massive grocery chain who offered to buy all of his wines to feature in their wine section, but there were stipulations. The wines all had to taste a precise way. This left Alain making bulk wines with zero character, and he was still losing money every year on this venture. Finally, he has a chance encounter with Tom Lubbe of Matassa who convinced him to start from scratch. He helped him with the transition to chemical free farming and got rid of the use of commercial yeasts, After years of turmoil, Alain finally found a way of winemaking that works for him on every level.