Anne et Jean-François Ganevat 'J'en Veux Encore' 2018
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Anne et Jean-François Ganevat 'J'en Veux Encore' 2018

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Producer: Anne and Jean-François Ganevat

Country: France

Region: Jura

Varietal: Gamay, Field Blend of Jura Varietals

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml

Color: Red 

Notes: Jean-Francois Ganevat is spinning liquid gold from some of the Jura’s finest indigenous varietals. At the geographical crossroads of Burgundy and Switzerland, this inspired alchemist specializes in biodynamic farming methods in the vineyards and natural winemaking practices in the cellar. With only 7 hectares of land, he manages to make up to 40 different cuvees per year, both white and red, and his whites enjoy extended time on the lees for anywhere from 2 to 15 years. His intentional method of oxidation and gentle micro-dosing of sulfur have made his wines cult classics.

In addition to running his own domaine in the Jura, Jean-Francois has teamed up with his sister, Anne, to bottle grapes from Alsace, Beaujolais and the Savoie under a second label using similar methods, but taking the “Vin de France” appellation. Regardless of which label you choose, these wines are sure to make you a believer, whether you want to impress your tasting group, make solid age-worthy selections for the cellar, or simply share and enjoy at your table.