Clairin Le Rocher Rhum
Clairin Le Rocher Rhum
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Clairin Le Rocher Rhum

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Clairin is a white distillate made from fermented sugar cane juice from the Highlands of Haiti. Clairin Rums are from indigenous cane varieties, non-hybridized, with no chemistry in agriculture. Spontaneous fermentation with no yeast selected, archaic distillation, and no filtration.

This Clairin is produced from syrup, not from pure juice. The syrup is slowly boiled in order to preserve all the aromas of the rum, while retaining the character of the cane. Le Rocher is an artisanal single pot still rum, bottled 'still proof' without any dilution.

Le Rocher Distillery

Pignon - Haiti

Produced by Master Distiller Romulus Bethel.