Fable Farm Fermentory 'Fluxion' Batch IV 2016
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Fable Farm Fermentory 'Fluxion' Batch IV 2016

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Producer: Fable Farm Fermentory

Country: United States

Region: Vermont

Varietal: Foraged cider apples

Vintage: 2016

Size: 750ml


  • Organic/Biodynamic/Equivalent
  • All of our cider selections are fermented spontaneously.
  • With faith in flow, we merged multiple vintages of cider aged in an assortment of wood barrels to create our fourth iteration of Fluxion that awaits you. Made in the traditional method, maple syrup was added to kick-start a secondary fermentation in bottle. This cultured blend of cider is the sparkling counterpart to Stillpoint--itself a delightful, still, apple wine. Fluxion is defined as “the act of flowing; the matter that flows.” On the quantum level, matter is composed of vortices of energy in continual spin. As we move as a society into a post-materialist worldview, we offer you Fluxion in acknowledgment of the primordial and continual flow of energy spiralling within and throughout all that is. Enjoy with feasts, merrymaking, and intimate conversations.